Part of being a parent is making plans for your kids in case you die before they are adults.  This has to be one of the most sobering parts of parenthood.  For stuff like this it’s often easiest to just pretend like it could not happen and do nothing.  Obviously this isn’t the best solution.

When you’re ready to take a deep breath and plan for the “what if” here are some lawyers the moms recommend:

Anthony Bradley, The Bradley Law Firm

Matthew Thornton

J. Frank Hall Jr. is a wonderfully easy to get along with estate planning atty. He is very experienced and through. I worked with him for many years setting up family trusts and wills. His prices are reasonable and he will make arrangements to work within your schedule.

I know a great attorney, he helped our family with their estate, Chad Cardwell. He can be reached at 901-219-2034. He’s had a great education and a ton of experience. Let him know Melissa Sauer sent you

In Collierville Terry Cox and Auston Wortman

Deborah Murdock in Collierville, TN, she is truly wonderful to deal with and walks you through every detail.

Charles Patton, he’s in the Clark tower

Lawrence Kern did ours. We’re happy with the experience.

The Pickler Law Firm in Collierville, TN

Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs LLC

  • Mike Adams is the best in the city!!!
  • Jason Salomon