A mom asked for recommendations on where to take a child to get her ears pierced.  Here’s what the moms recommended:


Wolfchase Galleria
We went to Claire’s at Wolfchase when my daughter was 6 months… they were great and amazingly fast! She didn’t even know what was happening and seriously only cried for 30 seconds.

Wolfchase Galleria
I took my daughter to either Claire’s or the Icing. i can’t remember exactly which one it was because it was a few years ago but it was definitely one of those at the mall.

My pediatrician did it

Pigtails and Crewcuts
3108 Village Shops Drive, Germantown
They pierce both ears at the same time and also carry the “nickel free” earrings that are better than the “hypo-allergenic” earrings. Our 2 and 4 year old daughters both had their ears pierced here and it was great. They pierced both ears and both kids at the same time. We got a certificate and lollipop when they were done. We highly recommend them.

Trilogy Tattoos and Piercing
530 S. Highland St.
They will pierce ears for children (NOT babies though). I took my 6-year-old there to get her ears pierced and was very happy I went there instead of Claire’s. Everything was very clean, the piercer was an experienced professional, the needle method she used (versus the earring gun they use in Claire’s) is said to be more sterile, better and faster to heal, AND the metal and style of earrings they offer are chosen to be the least allergenic and most comfortable (they have flat backs which will not poke your child’s head when she lies down!). Also I had never been to a tatto/piercing parlor before but was happy to find that the atmosphere was not at all scary or intimidating to either me or my daughter.