My husband and I picked the paint colors for our first home, and they came out great.  It took a lot of trials to come up with the right shades though, and that got expensive after a while.  In our second home we hired someone to walk through and suggest paint colors.  I think it took him an hour.  Based on our calculations we saved money hiring a professional, since we were not repeatedly buying small paint samples.  It sure was a lot less frustrating too!

Here are some recommendations from the moms of East Memphis for people who can help with paint colors and decorative painting.  If you just need a house painter check out this list.

An outside "room" full of loved things

Visiting an outside “room” full of loved things

Interior Decorators

  • excellent decorator Sue Sneed cell #569-9733
  • We use and love Jill Hertz: 901-767-8616
  • Mary Hill Schroyer 216-4358. Awesome to work with, budget friendly choices for any budget.
  • Lisa Hood at First Fruit Collection Home Furnishings & Accessories
  • Heidi Dawson Interiors
  • I’m a big fan of Ray & Baudoin Interior Design
  • Me!!! Check out my Facebook page Jennifer Estes Interior Design
  • Lindsay Barton: I am a residential interior designer and owner of L. Barton Interiors. I have over 10 years of design experience and have worked for several top design firms in Memphis. I would be happy to help you select paint colors! You can contact me at [email protected]
  • Hope Wilkinson Design– she did some work on my sister’s last home and it was BEAUTIFUL!
  • Gil Humphrey Designs
  • Michael Taylor Interiors
  • Cindy Udell Interiors at 901-734-8800.  Great decorating work both inside & outside the home, used for decorating for parties & holidays
  • Chestnut Hall Interiors in Germantown. All of their design team are wonderful and they also do lake houses and cabins.

Cabinet/Furniture Painters

Allison Lawyer

  • Yes! Allison Lawyer. 647-0744
  • Yes, I have used Allison. And she is also a friend of mine so I have seen her work in other places as well. She’s amazing.
  • ‎Allison Furr Lawyer is a friend and artist as well. I second what Sam says about her. I Highly recommend her! She has done work for people in Oxford also

Sarah Beth Cohen

  • Sarah Beth Cohen! she has pics on her fb page.
  • I can second Sara Cohen.

Judy Vandergrift

  • Judy Vandergrift=AMAZING. She has done tons of “Judyfying” in my house. 901-870-3123 [email protected]
  • Judy did a FANTASTIC job at my house. I brought her in to paint one room…before the week was over, she ended up custom painting in 9 rooms. I loved her work and she is THAT good. Best of luck!