If you’ve read the story about how we ended up here in Memphis you know I moved twice in two years. From Charlotte, NC to Little Rock, AR and then here to Memphis. We first put our Charlotte house up for sale the fall of 2008. During that time Wachovia Bank (headquartered in Charlotte) basically failed, and the entire Charlotte real estate market came to a screeching halt. Thankfully we had Plan B ready to roll and had a tenant in place in less than two months.


During that time I really came to appreciate our property manager. He clearly explained how the process worked and the rights of landlords and tenants, he helped get some little things fixed quickly, handled the money, and most importantly – got everything fixed when they moved out. He walked through the house with my mom and sister, came up with a list of damages and used the tenants deposit to fix it all. I managed the entire thing from Little Rock, while shopping online for a house in Memphis.  So we lived in a rented house (that we hated) while renting out my house in another state, thankfully never seeing my Charlotte house after the three guys moved out (did you know that the only way to break the hinge on a wall oven is to sit on the door?)

So pick your property manager very carefully, and ask a lot of questions!  If you’re struggling to find a home to rent please check out these options, and make sure you also check out the recommended neighborhoods post.  Here are some firms the EMMs recommend, scroll down for a list of online resources.

Enterprise Property Management

  • Enterprise Property Management is a great company!
  • Enterprise Property Management. They manage the house we’re in, and we’ve loved working with them!
  • I second Enterprise!

A friend recommends Steve Ford with The Carter Group. Cell 901-870-4642 or Office: 753-7222

Jimmy Kennedy at Kellar Williams 221-5214.  

Coldwell Banker Jennae in Collierville. Ask for Frank Periera. I worked for him for 3 years, does a great job 🙂 

Lurie and Assoc. my husband would be the property manager. 794-6022

EZR Management is my husbands company. You can contact him at 331-6669

Ricky Lewis with Allstar Management 662-510-5692

The Renshaw Company

  • The Renshaw Company!
  • I am a realtor and use/refer Bob Renshaw at the Renshaw company all the time.
  • I would not use renshaw. Had a negative experience with them, I had my house rented through them and still have an unresolved issue, it was not my tenants fault but Renshaw.


  • Crye-leike property mgmt!
  • I do all the work for Crye Leike Property management. I have done work cleaning carpet for a lot of them, and they are great.
  • Rob Mynatt with Crye-Leike!

Lubin Property Management. Ask for Ryan 483-6976 

Management That Cares

  • mtc management that care in germantown..
  • MTC – Management That Cares
  • I had an AWFUL experience with MTC! Would never use them again!!

Meridian Property Management

Kismet Properties

Premier Property Management

Other Resources

the moms recommend you be careful about scams on this site




Ahrn.com for military. Anyone can list their home/property for rent on it (for free), but only military can access.