A mom was looking for places to buy an outdoor playset, and another mom asked she could pay to assemble a playset. Here are the responses…got any more to add?


We got our set at Family Leisure and it is SO SO nice. We have four children and it is holding up extremely well. We spent more than $1000 though. Maybe they have cheaper sets though… we got a huge one with four swing stations, a tower, and a tire swing.

We got our Rainbow from Jack Wells Outdoor Living in Cordova. Smallest model on sale for $999. We LOVE it!


  • Costco sets are wonderful and very sturdy an well made!
  • Love love love ours from Costco (last year). It takes a very long tine to assemble. Lots of pieces & not very well marked. So worth it!
  • We just finished putting ours up this past weekend. We got it from Costco for $1000. It took longer to put up than it said but it was not hard to do and very well marked. We chose to do it <assembly> ourselves and it wasn’t that bad. VERY sturdy and well made.

You could also check craigslist.com. We sold our set when our kids out-grew it.

Our next door neighbor also found one on Craigslist. This is a good option!

We found a family with a nice play set and children who had outgrown it. We disassembled it an brought it home and reassembled it.


We got ours at Lowe’s, delivered to our house, for a bit less than $1,000. It’s perfect for us.

We built our own set for around $700. We bought a kit with hardware and plans and purchased our own lumber.

They are on clearance on Homedepot.com, some at or under $1000

Funwithforts.com. We love our swing set!


  • We love the “Adventure Playset” that we ordered from Walmart for $549, with free site to store delivery.
  • We got ours at Wal-Mart and someone from Family Leisure put it together. We love ours!


Outdoor Living by Jack Wills We have in house installers, no contractors!

Tony Craft 901-319-0997


Chris Ollar assembles child playsets. He will also pick and deliver them as well. Very affordable. 901-461-7514