I met a “fan” of this blog this morning, and she was having a tough time finding a place in East Memphis that did a good job of repairing woman’s shoes.  So I asked the moms, and here are their recommendations:

Cobblestone Shoe Repair
5101 Sanderlin Ave # 107
(901) 761-7700

  • I always go to the place that is now in the same strip as Muddy’s (maybe right next door to Muddy’s, or one or two spaces down). I can’t remember the name, but I think it has “Cobbler” or “Cobblestone” in the name.
  • If the cobbler and ratcliff’s can’t repair something, there is a repair place in the same shopping center as hobby lobby, collierville that’s very good and sometimes worth the drive.

Nu Life Shoe Repair
699 Waring Road
(901) 682-2511

  • There is a shoe repair place over on Waring and Summer. He is very nice and does great work!

Germantown Shoe & Leather Repair
7820 Poplar Ave # 9, Germantown, TN  
(901) 759-1414

Bartlett Shoe Repair
6045 Stage Road (corner of Stage and Bartlett Blvd.)
(901) 381-1348

  • I actually drive to one in Bartlett, great little shop. They fixed my boots when no else would. They also do purse repair.