Last summer I started experiencing low back pain.  My chiropractor wasn’t able to completely relieve it, and neither were massages, so we figured it must be time for a new mattress.  In January we got our first new mattress.  The next morning I felt even worse, and my husband hurt a little.  After another night or so we both felt better than the first night, but my low back still hurt.  We went away for several nights and my back didn’t hurt sleeping on the hotel mattress, so we knew there was a problem.  One night back at home on the new mattress and I was NEVER sleeping on that thing again.  Ever.  I moved into the guest room and we moved onto another store.


I was concerned that if one mattress was great for my husband and bad for me than we might experience the same problem in reverse, but off we went.  The new, new mattress arrived and the next morning I felt better and (you guessed it) my husband felt worse.  So he moved into the guest room and we went to the Sleep Number Store at Wolfchase Galleria.  I figured we needed two difference mattresses, so a bed that could offer that in one bed was our best bet.

We’ve had our Sleep Number bed for over a week, I’ve got my side set at 60 and he’s at 45 (100 is as firm as it gets).  We are both sleeping better, and the second mattress is being picked up today.  Good thing as my mom arrives next week and unless she’s going to do some climbing before bedtime there is no place to sleep in the guest room!

My number one recommendation when mattress shopping is to fully understand their return policy, and any restocking fees.  As you can imagine, this experience has not been cheap.  So if you find yourself making a purchase in the Sleep Number Store, please tell them Rob & Suzanne Johnston of Memphis sent you – I could use some referral gift cards!

Here are some other stores the moms recommend:

Relax the Back
I can’t express how much better my sleeping has been since getting a Tempurpedic mattress. If you can it is so totally worth the money. We bought ours from the Back store at Poplar and Perkins.

Great customer service at Macy’s

I own Brownbedding I am a wholesaler all my beds are brand new in plastic five year warranty sealy all styles been in business five years 80% off retail and thanks Ashlea your the best!! 9014061051!! God Bless

Baker Mattress

Sam’s Club

just bought one at Havertys– good price, delivery and service

Crazy Mike’s Mattress

Hotel Sales and Surplus
901-369-9437. Brand new and great prices!

The Mattress Firm

  • Mattress Firm. Any location.
  • Mattress Firm @ Poplar/Forest Hill. Ask for Andy Forman.
  • We recently bought our Temperpedic set at the Mattress Firm at Wolfchase and received outstanding service!

Avoid Royal Furniture like the plague. They sold us urine-stained used mattresses and would not take them back until my husband threatened to bring them back down there and stand outside showing all their customers.

Sleep Cheap

  • We got a great deal at Sleep Cheap and the manager was fantastic in responding to a problem. I would have never gone in there except that I heard they had a factory nearby and could make a custom mattress size for me. There’s one on Summer and another near Wolfchase (and several other locations in town).
  • We got our from Sleep Cheap and are still happy with our purchase.