It’s planting time (quick, before it’s hot all the time)! A mom recently asked for recommendations on a good place to get quality flowers and bushes at a affordable price. As always, the moms had plenty of recommendations:


I like Russell’s and/or MorGreen in Collierville.

Dabneys (Hacks Cross) has very smart staff and you don’t pay tax

Dabneys– u won’t be disappointed! Also Gardens Oy Vey in Arlington, if you like unique hard to find plants. But they have weird hours.

For the exotic, Gardens Oy Vey in Arlington. Dan West on Poplar is very convenient and has great stuff. A Country Garden at the Ag Center has very well cared for, healthy plants and good prices.

Country Gardens @ the agri- center has beautiful plants and great prices

We go to Scarboroughs on Covington Pike.

I am a landscaper and we get contractor discounts at all local nurseries and I do recommend The Stockyard <now John Deere Landscapes – Memphis & Arlington)…they do offer special discounts to the public like law enforcement and teacher discounts. We as a landscape company also buy from Pittmans and Arrowhead. they have a better selection and prices and if they don’t have something in stock they order it for you. And you won’t find a good flower grower in memphis…the stockyard grew most of all flowers for landscape companies and they aren’t growing anymore…landscape companies are mad because there isn’t a good supplier within 50 miles

HANDS DOWN Homestead Farms has best plants,as in large and best price and is only 30 minutes away in Coldwater MS.  Example : boxwood in Memphis $125 and there $25

Dan West has great shrubs and unadvertised specials like, currently, 20% off all trees and shrubs. Last week, I even got an extra 10% just for asking about additional discounts. Country Gardens at the Agricenter is very reasonable and has, hands down, some of the best plants in the area. I got two HUGE (almost four feet tall) Boston ferns for the front porch for $15 each. Lastly, Lowe’s is trying to clear out their tree and shrub inventory: this past weekend, they had 50% off ALL trees and shrubs, so I got a huge redbud for $14 and a rhododendron for $10. 

EMM Review of Dan West

Okay, I know its not a garden center, but we have just bought lots of plants and flowers at Costco.

I must say – for the size & the quality of the plants – COSTCO wins hands down!

I’ve been to Bayless Nursery in Millington. Great selection of plants, especially for those of us with shade gardens! Worth the drive and they have great customer service!