When you have more than one child you start to think differently about space.  When you have two kids of the same gender you think about bunk beds.  A mom asked for recommendations on where to get bunk beds, and she got a lot of responses.  Here’s what the moms had to say:

It’s fun to have a brother and share a bedroom

Ashley Furniture on Germantown has some good prices right now. 

Ikle Creative Designs can custom design bunk beds and install them!

Pottery Barn Kids

Wayfair.com has them and offers free shipping

We just completed the bunk bed search. We were were surprised to discover that Royal Furniture on Germantown Road has a rather large selection. They even carry the staircase bunk beds. There is also a man in town that will custom build bunk beds.


We just got some from Walmart and are very happy with them. They were so cheap but had 5 stars and tons of great reviews on their website. I think they were the Mainstays brand in honey pine finish.

You can get great bunk beds at Big Lots on Summer.

We got ours at Great American Home Store. They delivered and set them up. Good quality too

Mid South Bunk Beds

  • Check out Mid South Bunk Beds – it’s a great local company
  • Richard Bourland with Mid South Bunk Beds makes them. And he’s local.