Having young kids means you need a stroller, or two.  Given the age gap in my kids, I never needed a double stroller.  We had a road stroller for walks in the neighborhood and a Maclaren Volo umbrella stroller for errands.   It lived in my car for many years and took a lot of trips, including a few outside the U.S., and it still looked great.  Here are some mom-recommended strollers, and local stores too.

A 5-point harness can come in handy sometimes

A 5-point harness can come in handy sometimes

General Tips

  • Whatever one you decide to get, open it up and push it around the store. Some of them are really “short” and my husband had trouble with some of the cheaper brands. Make sure it is tall enough for you!
  • Consider how you are *really* going to use the stroller.  Buy what suits your needs, not what looks great or others say is the best. 
  • Buy a high quality product – you’re going to use it a lot, potentially for more than one child, so get something that will last
  • (for 3-wheeled strollers) what ever you get just make sure the front wheel is a swivel and NOT a fixed. I had a fixed front wheel and it was hard to steer.

Recommended Local Stores

  • Look at Bargain Hunt. The one on summer just got messed up in.the storm yesterday, but Cordova on Germantown road and Southaven have one too. Excellent prices.
  • Consignment Sales – go here for a post on upcoming sales
  • Once Upon A Child & Summer Kids consignment stores
  • Target
  • Got mine at itty bitty Bella.. Collierville
  • Wal-mart
  • Babies R Us
  • Fleet Feet & Breakaway for jogging strollers
  • Bella Vita

Umbrella strollers

  • Love my UppaBaby d-luxe! Great deluxe umbrella stroller. Super light!
  • We have the Chicco Capri and love it.
  • We bought a Jeep stroller from walmart & absolutely love it. It folds excellent and has a small removable tray and a cup holder. We don’t use ours enough to justify spending a lot on a stroller, and the Jeep was highly recommended!
  • Chico liteweight!
  • Uppa Baby G-lite!! Love it!
  • McLaren. Super light mine has been going strong for almost 4 years!!

Jogging Strollers

  • BOB all the way.
  • the baby trend and in step are probably perfect if you are just getting it to run errands, go to the park, etc… But if you intend to run, can’t beat the BOB strollers.
  • Instep Grand Safari
  • We have a double BOB and I LOVE IT. I had purchased a cheaper, single Graco jogger after the birth of my first baby, and it really pales in comparison to the BOB. worth the extra $$ for sure. BOB is super light, smooth quick turning, and tons of storage areas and pockets.
  • Joovy!
  • We have a bob and a mountain buggy double. Love both of them.
  • Bumble ride
  • J is for Jeep!!! Awesome jogging stroller and has iBaby speaker/hookup
  • We just bought a Schwinn double jogging stroller.  I love it even with a 2 1/2 year old and a 9 month old it is light as a feather and I can use one hand if I wanted.
  • I have a BOB Ironman and very highly recommend it. I can job eith one hand and my daughter loves it. No swiveling front wheel but its strictly a jogging stroller.

Double Strollers

  • Love my city mini double! You can buy an attachment so it will hold a carseat. The stroller is so lightweight and easy to fold up, and is also narrow enough to fit through doors and down aisles!
  • we love the Baby Trend Navigator
  • Joovy caboose– loved it!
  • At that age, my favorite was the Kontours tandem ruby stroller. We use sit & stand now that she’s over 3.
  • Loved my Baby Trend sit and stand! Narrow and easy for older one to get in and out of when they want to walk
  • We love our joovy X2 and also love the combi twin sport!
  • just got my baby trend sit and stand and i love it!!!!
  • We have a double Maclaren umbrella stroller and love it! Super lightweight, easy to get in and out of car and fits through all doorways .