Are you a thrift store person who loves to dig through stuff to find a deal?  Or maybe you just need inexpensive clothes for a project or costume.  If you’re looking for consignment stores go here. The moms have got you covered!  Here are the spots they recommend you go.


Blues City Thrift

  • LOVE Blues City Thrift! Tom Frazier and Sandra Frazier are wonderful! Proceeds go to places locally including The Church Health Center!
  • blues city thrift at quince and Kirby proceeds go to the needy not into mr goodwills pocket!


  • There is a top notch selection at the Hwy 64/Summer location. I got a brand new (looking) pair of Gap jeans there last time for $2.99…and the kid’s section is great too…I once snagged a brand new J.Crew cardigan (tags on) for $2.99 as well.
  • yep love the summer/hwy 64 one.
  • Summer/Stage Goodwill is nice.
  • The Goodwill in Oxford always seems to have great stuff.
  • Collierville on poplar
  • I get nicer stuff from the Collierville one.
  • southern/highland—all items are half off the original price, they have great summer/spring dresses at this location for 2.50, stage and summer also has a great selection of items and lots of shoes Austin peay and summer have nice selection of “boutique items”, like vera Bradley and lily Pulitzer. The key is to stop in and look as often as you can, they are always adding new items.
  • The one at Southern and Highland has lots of college gals’ clothes – cute styles of name brands, plus they are all half price.

Junior League Repeat Boutique
They always have great stuff.

Salvation Army Kirby/Whitten Family Store
Wednesdays is 1/2 price clothes. You can always find something. It’s big and the clothes are mostly sorted by color.

Home Again Second Chance Boutique
The Hope Again thrift store has nice clothes.