A mom was looking to buy an inexpensive car, so she asked the EMMs where to go.  As always, lots of great suggestions, and I think we have some Dave Ramsey fans as one mom said:

I don’t know about the car sources but I just wanted to say “live like nobody else so that later you can live like nobody else!” Do you want your hard earned money in your investment accounts or in your driveway?

Won't fit your groceries, but fun!

Won’t fit your groceries, but fun!

One tip:

Snells Automotive will have their mechanic inspect a car before you buy it for around $80, definitely doing that before I buy my next car.

Here are the places the moms suggested she look:


  • Autotrader. We are selling my husband’s car to get rid of our high payment and getting something under $5k. We have been browsing Autotrader and Craigslist and have seen several good options. Just make sure she has a reliable mechanic or knowledgeable car person to help her check it out and negotiate the price.
  • Autotrader.com— shows all used cars at all the dealerships. Save you the hassle of going everywhere. Carmax is awesome, but they won’t have anything in that price range.

Craigslist. Hands down.

Carmax. They took their time and there was no pressure.

Elvis’s Autos
Elvis’ auto shop, summer and elmore, great manager and cars

All Approved Auto
All Approved Auto on Elmore Rd. is owned by Matt Scott, A former CBHS graduate. I’m sure he could help out!

Dobbs Nissan
Dobbs Nissan on Hacks Cross. Ask for my husband William Rogers or call him at 901-871-8007. He is incredibly honest and has worked on cars before so he will not mislead you.

City Auto

  • City Auto at Covington Pike and Elmore or the one next door to it(not sure of the name:)
  • Ask for Ashley Barnes Smith at City Auto. She did an amazing job at helping us find our car.
  • Call my dad, George Harrison, at City Auto! #233-8236…tell him Wendi¬†Mihalko sent you!
  • we had a good experience @ city auto. but we sold our previous car on craigslist. make sure an honest mechanic looks @ it good and hard. we love the guys @ Ron Archer Auto on Quince b/t Whitestation and Estate.

Collieville Auto
Angela Roebuck at Collierville Auto is honest and will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.