Are you looking to get away for a day, or a few days, over December break?  Here are some ideas for places you can drive to from Memphis, including skiing!  If you’re looking to take your kids on a special holiday train ride check out this post.

Gaylord Opryland outdoor nativity

Gaylord Opryland outdoor nativity

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  • We did it with a 4 month old, 22 month old and a 6 yr old. Only thing that I didn’t like was the highway/interstate with the much higher speed limits. Not used to that! However, we went in the summertime to enjoy the waterpark. They loved the Ripleys Aquarium too. We had a cabin with an indoor pool.
  • I love Gatlinburg, but not at Christmastime. Windy roads on mountains with snowy and icy weather don’t always make for the best holiday.
  • the aquarium is amazing. The science museum in Pigeon Forge is great for kids – Wonder Works Indoor Amusement Park
  • Ober Gaitlinburg Ski Resort

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New Orleans
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My New Orleans Family Vacation

  • Don’t rule out prices for a cruise out of New Orleans. We do that and love it. The prices are really fair for what you get and make memories rather than buying a bunch of junk they lose in two months
  • We took our 18 month old to New Orleans for Christmas last year. We had a great time!

St. Louis
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More EMM comments on St. Louis in this post
The zoo and the science museum and botanical gardens are free. The childrens museum (Magic House) and city museum (which i HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend for ALL ages…there is nothing else like it anywhere!) are absolutely fabulous. There’s Six Flags, Grants Farm, The Arch and the Lewis and Clark museum…You can’t possibly do it all in one weekend but my family of six LOVES St. Louis for a weekend getaway.

Paoli, IN
Paoli Peaks

  • I grew up going to Paoli Peaks in Indiana. We stayed at the Frenchlick resort when we went. Good memories.
  • I third Paoli for some reason its hard to convince people Indiana had something to offer but it does. Then not to mention you can go to santa clause land and west Baden to the polar express.
  • the ski conditions can vary GREATLY – we once went to Paoli and it snowed a ton while we were there, which was awesome, and made for great ski conditions, but this is always not the case, it can also be a “hill” of ice and that is not fun.

Hidden Valley, MO
Hidden Valley Ski Resort

  • Hidden Valley would be a good place for beginners (skiing)
  • Hidden Valley is close but it is not like real snow that you would ski on in Colorado or Utah. It is icy, hard pellets.
  • We went last year for a day during a long weekend trip to St. Louis. Our 6 year old son enjoyed the inner tube hill. We usually go skiing in Colorado or Utah; for those used to ski experiences like that, Hidden Valley would be a disappointment. For us, during last winter with no good snowfall here, it was a good way to spend a day, but we would not have enjoyed more — St. Louis was more fun for the remainder of our time.
  • I’ve skied many places in Colorado…. HV is not for expert skiers. The runs are short not long like Colorado. My daughter learned there at age 4 in private lessons which are cheaper at HD than Col. Call before you go to book your lessons! They are really good w kids! If Ms Berny is sti there I just loved her so did my daughter! You can get your equipment there! Get there before it opens, equip line gets long. Bring a face mask bc when they are making snow it’s cold! They have a lodge too. Stay at six flags holiday inn. Huge indoor pool and game room.
  • We went a few years ago and would go back. We took our four year old so he could learn. Great slopes for beginners, but not so much for experienced skiers. It is a good place to learn and practice and take lessons. The runs are just not very long because the mountains aren’t tall. We will definitely go a few more times for the kids before going to Colorado. We stayed at the holiday inn near six flags. It has a great indoor swimming pool area. Closest place to Memphis to do this.
  • Went last year and at the time my 8 7 and 5 year olds took lessons. They all loved it. When we got there the 1st ski session was booked so they had plenty of time to adjust their snow gear. I don’t remember a big snow play area. We stayed about 30 minutes away in downtown so they could go to the museum there. Solid 4 hour drive from memphis
  • This isn’t a mountain. It’s a 30 sec downhill run on a former golf course. My parents live very close. It’s a 4.5 hour car ride to St Louis which is awesome. But if you really like to ski and you’ll probably will be disappointed.
  • We went two years ago and plan to go back. We stayed at a Drury Inn nearby. My daughter took a group lesson and was able to ski on the easy slopes by the end of the lesson. They also had a place that you can snow tube. It has a very low key atmosphere.