Not Florida, but I really like this
photo I took of my big kid learning
to steer a boat on vacation in
New Hampshire.  Such focus!

Lots of families like to have professional photographs taken during their vacation.  It’s nice to capture the scenery and relaxed family time that a vacation often brings.  A mom recently asked for professional photographer recommendations in the 30A area of the gulf coast.  Here’s what the moms had to say:

I recently used Donna Shorey at Precious Moments Photography

John Holland Photography

J. Mone Photography does excellent work. My family loved the pics

MKaye Photography – Melissa is a great photographer- does all of our Yelp events and I know she also works with kids.

Gwen Mark Photagraphy. Husband and wife team, and for $400 you get the disc of all the photos with the copyright release. You have to meet them at a beach on Holiday Ilse in Destin. Their prints, if you order fom them, are also reasonably priced as well. We have used them twice. They are great.