Mountain View, Arkansas is about a three hour drive from Memphis.  My older son (4th grade) and I went there for a day last year on a school field trip, visiting Blanchard Springs Caverns and the Ozark Folk Center.  Both spots were great and we both enjoyed the trip.  I checked in with the moms to see what other activities they recommend in that area, their suggestions are below.  This a great family trip for a weekend if you have school-aged kids.

Ozark Folk Center, learning about leather crafts

Ozark Folk Center, learning about leather crafts

Blanchard Springs Caverns
This place was amazing  – and the trail we went on was stroller friendly too!  58 degrees year round, so a great spot to visit in the summer.

Loco Ropes
Treetop adventure park

Ozark Folk Center
Learn pioneer skills and crafts including blacksmithing, pottery, candles, knives, dolls and more.  Musical performances, restaurant and cabins on site.

Bean Fest & Championship Outhouse Races
held late October
one of the most exciting and outrageous around, drawing thousands to the small Ozarks town for music, pinto beans and cornbread, and the spectacle created by the outhouse racing teams.

Junk Fest

Other Suggestions:

  • They do folk music on the square in mountain view on the weekends during the summer.
  • A lot of people raft and canoe on the white river.
  • There are lots of adorable shops that have tons of folk items.
  • There is a candy shop on main where you can watch them make candy the old fashioned way. And there is an old fashioned soda shop on main.
  • about an hour or so away is the buffalo river with great canoe/kayak trips!

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