It’s nice to have kids big enough to
drag their own toys around

When I was out of town for spring break I asked the moms what is on their “must pack” list when they go out of town. I was formulating my own and figured I would get a much better list (in a place I could find it) if I recruited some help!

Here’s what the moms had to say:

Babies: a pack and play, an insane amount of diapers (you can always buy some once you get there but I packed extra than probably needed for the time spent actually on the road or in the air), wipes, diaper rash cream, hand sanitizer, sling (or front carrier), stroller (the smallest one that’s safe for the baby).

And I guess ascertain what food, snacks, utensils you’d need to bring depending on what stage of eating your baby is in. I breastfed but bottles and formula seem like something to have plenty of if you’re not nursing.

UNO, thin books, tupperware (for packing snacks you purchase once you get there), beach bag, chargers for phones/cameras/etc.

Don’t forget swimming stuff, including those swimmie diapers.

I have a boy so Band-Aids and Neosporin! hahaha!

laptop and Ethernet cable (just in case). If your child is used to a light-up music playing thing in the crib/bed (“aquarium”) bring a substitute….like the AlphaBerry thing at Target….or your kid will wake you up in the middle of the night

The monitor, those arm and hammer sacks for stinky diapers, and depending on where we are staying, a baby gate! 

Since we are talking about going places with kitchens: I plan the meals and make a grocery list in advance. That way, I can take along any odd ingredients it would feel wasteful to buy for just one meal once I got there (like soy sauce).

Laundry supplies! We always do our laundry as we go (either at the lake house or in a hotel), and laundry supplies are expensive at a hotel gift shop. Quarters, too!

Sound machines!!

Zip Lock Baggies!

We try to pack as many snacks as we can, because grocery stores at vacation spots are always more expensive!

If you are going to cook, bring your spices. They usually have pots and pans but I never have seasonings to cook with.

Travel-sized binoculars….for “investigating” stuff

asprin, childrens tylenol, portable dvd player