A mom asked: “We are beginning the process of buying a home and would like to know the opinions of your readers about great neighborhoods in East Memphis/Germantown. I think a great neighborhood would be one with a great sense of community and neighborliness, families with small children, and maybe also with amenities like a community pool?”

Here are the neighborhoods the moms recommend, with the ones in East Memphis on the map (see below for other areas):

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East Memphis

Quince & Lynnfield

  • We bought our house a little over a yr ago and we LOVE the neighborhood. Our son is 5 and he has a friend his age across the street. We go for walks all the time and since its what I call a “pocket neighborhood” the only people that drive back there belong. Many of our neighbors are original to the neighborhood.  It is on the border of east Memphis and Germantown, behind the YMCA at quince and lynnfield. Great houses, many with pools, and I saw 3 for sale this morning.
  • I live in the same neighborhood behind the YMCA at Quince and Lynnfield and I have loved it over the last six years. I have two little girls and many friends in the neighborhood.
  • I live in the neighborhood at Lynnfield and Quince and want to add my recommendation for this area. It’s a very quiet area with lots of people out walking, lots of animals, and kids out playing. It’s also very convenient to Bill Morris Parkway and I-240. My husband can get to work in Collierville in about 20 minutes, and I can get to work downtown in about 25 minutes. Plus the houses are affordable and have held their value fairly well in the housing bust.

Yorkshire Estates
We are in Yorkshire Estates. I can’t imagine living anywhere else.  We love ours as well. Lots of kids. Hardly any traffic. We know all our neighbors. Lots of walkers.

Poplar Estates

  • we live in the Poplar Estates neighborhood, near Poplar/Kirby. it’s an awesome neighborhood – sidewalks and loads of people out walking/running, a good number of kids, very little traffic and a convenient location.
  • Poplar estates area. And as far as the schools go, there are many great options. Richland, whitestation, riverdale, Farmington just to name a few.

Kirby Woods
Be sure to check out Kirby Woods. Great neighbors, lots of kids, lots of younger and older.

High Point Terrace

  • High point terrace, cute houses, great neighbors, close to the Greenline, little grocery store and places to eat. There’s a great sense of community and my neighbors all know each other.
  • High Point Terrace is by far one of the BEST neighborhoods in the city!


  • I live in East Memphis near Richland Elementary and I personally love the area! I have lived in East Memphis near Walnut Grove and White Station for 10 years and my sister lives in the High Point Terrace Area and they are very happy with their neighborhood as well.
  • We moved from Collierville to East Memphis five years ago and we LOVE it. We live in the Richland neighborhood, we have one child at White station middle and two at Richland.

Pidgeon Estates
Pidgeon Estates is a great neighborhood. We have several neighborhood gatherings each year (4th of July parade and BBQ, Halloween meal with bounce house, Easter Egg Hunt with petting zoo), we’re within easy walking distance to the Greenline and we’re part of the White Station school district.  We also have a Facebook group and email list (including babysitters!)

Audubon Dr/Cherry Estates
We love the Audubon Dr./Cherry Estates area. Very central, walk to Dixon, Botanic Garden and Audubon Park. Sidewalks — which means neighbors get out, walk and meet each other.

Sea Isle
We live in the Sea Isle area (Quince and Estate) and we love it. Nice and quiet, lots of families, walking distance to park.

Normandy Meadows

  • Boundaries are Walnut Grove to Sequoia and White Station to Mendenhall. Active Normandy Meadows Garden Club & Neighborhood Watch. Some Realtors might also list under Walnut Grove Acres. Currently zoned for Richland, White Station Middle, and White Station High.
  • We have our own little neighborhood site…and several police officers who live in the neighborhood …so always extra patrol

Colonial Acres
Facebook page
We have a wonderful quiet neighborhood with great neighbors!!


  • Avon Neighborhood at Walnut Grove between Perkins and Mendenhall. We have a 4th of July parade, Avon park, Neighborhood Picnic in the spring or fall, near the Greenline, and have a Google group and other forms of communication. All White Station schools are in district.
  • We love the Avon/Normandy area. Avon park, a neighborhood 4th of July parade, and end of summer picnic make are fun for families. There are lots of kids and lots of people out walking.

Our boundaries run between Walnut Grove and Shady Grove, off of Brierview. We are right next to Baptist East. We have a lot of young families and try to have a get together every couple months, switching between houses. We also have an active neighborhood email list, and I feel that everyone watches out for each other. Ourselves and many of our neighbors ride our bikes to the Wolf River Greenline or Shelby Farms (it’s our son’s favorite playground!), and when the weather is nice, so many neighbors are out and about walking and talking to one another. We have lived there a little over two years, and always say how thankful we are for our GREAT neighborhood!


Walnut Ridge
I would also like to add a Cordova neighborhood to the list… Walnut Ridge. This neighborhood is right off of Walnut Grove Road near Sanga Rd and Hope Church. Quiet, tree-lined streets and a WONDERFUL neighborhood association make this community a fantastic place to live. The homes are nice sizes with affordable price tags, making it the perfect “starter home” for new families. Love it here!


Oakleigh in Germantown we love it here! We have great friends that surround us. They are all within our neighborhood and the adjoining neighborhoods. Our location is convenient to restaurants and shopping We are listing our home this weekend due to a job transfer. It has a pool!

Farmington Meadows
We live in Farmington Meadows neighborhood near GPAC – lots of children, community pool, tennis courts and playground.

Dogwood Grove

  • I live in Germantown in Dogwood grove! Great neighborhood- everyone is very friendly and lots of new families with kids are moving in:). My sister lives in a neighborhood in Getmantown called Duntreath- great place also!!!
  • Dogwood Grove has many new families with children moving in, an active association, is next to the greenway and Houston Levee Park. Great schools and convient to everything. I’ve lived there 9 years!
  • Agree w Ragan about Dogwood Grove! We love it!

I grew up in the Riverdale Elementary neighborhood. (Specifically, Riverdale Rd and RiverReach) I LOVED it. It was safe, had lots of kids and was out of the way but convenient for the rest of town.

Kimbrough Woods
Kimbrough Woods at Poplar and Kimbrough has several original owners and young families. Neighborhood pool with lifeguards, tennis courts, brand new clubhouse, Garden Club and tons of events throughout the year. It is a wonderful neighborhood to live in!


Halle Plantation
We lived in east Memphis on walnut grove. Since we were on walnut grove we didn’t let the kids out of the front yard (fenced)! So playing with kids in the neighborhood was kind of out. We did love the location & the immediate neighbors! We moved to Collierville almost a year ago & couldn’t be happier!! We’re on the gtown/Cville line off of Houston levee. Halle plantation is the subdivision & there are TONS of kids, pool, & playground! We love it!


We live in Evergreen and love it. Walking distance to the zoo, Overton Park, the Brooks, fabulous restaurants, good schools. We have great neighbors with tons of kids running around. It’s a really great place to raise a family.

I have to recommend Cooper-Young. It’s a very kid-friendly neighborhood with lots of sidewalks and two great schools: Peabody Elementary and Natural Learning School. Within walking distance, there’s Burke’s Books (a local bookstore with a great children’s section) and The House of Mews (always a fun trip for cat-lovers), not to mention all of the excellent restaurants! The zoo, CMOM, the KROC center, the Pink Palace, and many wonderful parks are only a few minutes away. I love it!

I second Cooper Young! Our neighborhood is full of families with young children. We have an active online message board with over 75 families, mostly with children in early elementary & younger, that is a great resource for new families to the neighborhood. My favorite part is being able to walk or ride our bikes to all the places listed in the post above!

I would also like to add a Cordova neighborhood to the list... Walnut Ridge. This neighborhood is right off of Walnut Grove Road near Sanga Rd and Hope Church.  Quiet, tree-lined streets and a WONDERFUL neighborhood association make this community a fantastic place to live. The homes are nice sizes with affordable price tags, making it the perfect "starter home" for new families. Love it here!