Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid has a full-service restaurant (opening in June) and two glass-­floored cantilevering observation decks on the 32nd floor called The Lookout.  It’s an amazing view.


It’s a quick ride up the elevator to the restaurant (and potentially a long wait to get on the elevator, so go early or during the week to avoid the lines).  You have to pay to ride ($10/adult, $5/child), but the view is amazing and it includes one group photo (you get a code to download it later) on one of the decks.  Since the restaurant is not open yet, they are currently serving several free drinks (the mango lemonade was delicious) and alcoholic beverages in the afternoons and evenings.  Once the restaurant (which takes reservations) is open you won’t be able to ride the elevators after a certain time (I think 3:30pm) unless you are eating there.  It will be an upscale restaurant.


bar with aquarium


There is one observation area that does not include a deck, it faces East.


There are two observation areas with decks. The decks are glass, so you can look down and see the side of the pyramid and the ground.  It can be a little scary!


glass observation deck floor

You can also look up to see the top of the pyramid.  My older son, who has issues with motion sickness, felt a bit queasy looking up as the moving clouds made him feel like we were moving.  Once he stopped looking up he was fine.


the view looking up

You won’t find this view anywhere else.  If you don’t think your kids can handle this go without them.  You just need to go.  Sometime.  Really.  It’s amazing.  Here is the view from the West facing observation deck:

IMG_0700 IMG_0701 IMG_0702 IMG_0703

Here is the view from the South facing observation deck:

IMG_0721 IMG_0715 IMG_0716 IMG_0717The Lookout
Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid
6140 Macon Rd, Memphis